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Here at Practical Image we have been Working for Two Years to develop our in-house proprietary equipment and processes to make digital printed products more Efficiently and Environmentally Friendly. This all started by with a desire to make a Revolutionary Inexpensive Yard Sign. After testing many different methods the result is our Ecostake line of Yard Signs. Using our own Weatherproof Fiberboard Material we can fuse Brilliant full color images to it's surface. From the imaging equipment, the sheet is automatically fed into the folder/welder to form a perfect Two Sided Sign ready to slide over the stake once inserted into the ground. And because both sides are printed on a full sheet before its folded in half, Separate Images on each side of the sign can be supplied at no additional cost to you! To you customer, Ecostake signs display the same as traditional corrugated plastic signs without the High Cost or the Environmental impact that these bulky plastic signs create. We also produce the Heavy Duty Stakes ourselves to keep the cost as low as possible. These are thicker one piece stakes that hold up Better in Windy Conditions. Please check back often since we are working on other new very low cost items for the Display and Print Industry!

Gary Epstein


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